"There is an old soul vibe to her music, but she also comes across as contemporary in a way that brings to mind the quieter work of acts like the Alabama Shakes." -Glide Magazine

Melissa Ruth’s music lies somewhere along that stretch of sonic highway where Americana and blues converge into one long, sometimes lonesome road. But Ruth likes to detour toward a place she prefers to call “doo-wop twang” — a sound that contains, in her words, “the space of blues, the teeth of country and the grit of rock ‘n’ roll.” Of course, the highway is more than metaphor for Ruth, who puts 30,000 miles a year on her car as a teacher and traveling performer, carrying her music and messages to audiences well beyond her rural Oregon home.

On March 1, 2019, Ruth released her new album, Meteor. Much of the album is inspired by Ruth’s travels, the country’s current social climate, affairs of the heart, and struggles both internal and external. Wonder at the ephemeral nature of stars — and life — inhabits the tunes she pens, sung in a moody alto colored with infinite shades of blue. And there is plenty of doo-wop twang, of course.